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Meet the team

Prime Purpose Movement is dedicated to the art and ethos we present to the world and the mindset and mentality we use to perceive it. This company and its sole purpose were founded on one simple idea. With better art and healthier people, not only can we inspire others, but we can help create a community striving to accomplish the same task; TO BECOME BETTER. 

As successful health professionals, we run fitness and wellbeing events and boot camps for all ages, group sizes and conditioning levels. With a focus on intense full-body exercise, the goal of the boot camp is to fully immerse yourself in the now by breaking through physical and mental barriers previously set by you and to inspire one another to take control of our own health and wellbeing. 

As a team of entertainers, we are constantly looking to provide an experience like no other and collaborate with artists and companies with the same focus. Our concert experiences are truly one of a kind and need to be experienced for their eye-opening benefits to be understood. Musical events that bring the senses alive, igniting a fire within you and allowing you to see and take control of your mental and physical health. Our self-improvement events allow you to overcome your physical and mental barriers by introducing you to a like-minded community of equals striving for the same thing.


Jordan Pariseau


Artist - Founder 

Jordan Pariseau is P.P.M's lead instructor and the main on-stage event. His unrelenting drive for self-improvement allows him to overcome extreme challenges, both physically and mentally, sometimes fasting without food and water while maintaining his intense training schedule and meditating for up to 5 days at a time. Above all else, Jordan is deeply dedicated to being an exemplary human being and leaving a legacy that inspires people to do and find profound greatness within themselves. His on-stage charisma at our fitness and wellbeing events is enough to give anyone the push they needed to take the first step to better health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

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