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On stage, we take what we do just as seriously as our own health and mindset. JusJrdn has sacrificed tremendously to put us in a position to be able to bring an experience of overwhelming excitement every night on stage. JusJrdn's high energy, elaborate use of words, and a collaborative effort from a world-class team, can have a crowd almost in tears, experiencing Super Bowl levels of excitement in minutes. Working with top professionals in stage design, lighting and sound, we take advantage of every cognitive aspect to impact the audience and prove that we are top competitors in our field of expertise. The sweat equity the team has accumulated over the years has been transformed into an experience tailored to every concert-goer.



Intense, focused, and created for every athlete and conditioning level, our boot-camps are unique to this market. These boot-camps aim to give athletes an edge in cardiovascular performance, build strong mind-body connections, form strong relationships, and leave an individual motivated to take control of their own health and success.  We have had success in the past working with small class sizes such as elementary school phys ed classes, as well as boot-camps exceeding hundreds of people. We also have experience running a variety of athletic boot-camps for top tier athletes such as the Women's Basketball team at The University of Alberta. Not only is this a test of one's current physical condition, but is a cognitive journey paved so that each individual immediately understands the benefits of health and community bonding. 

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